Information for Parents and Carers

Who are we?

CrewTrident provides independent specialist support and intervention to children and young people, their families and schools. We specialise in support for primary and/or secondary age pupils presenting with emotional, social, psychological and behavioural needs as part of an early intervention, or crisis intervention response.

We take a holistic view of children, young people and their families and feel it is really important we can help schools understand all the issues that might be having an impact. We are very experienced, trustworthy professionals who will do all we can do to help. We are committed to working in partnership with you and, subject to the relevant consents, with any other professionals involved.

CrewTrident is a member of the British Association of Social Work and has adopted in full the BASW Code of Ethics 2014 as a framework for practice. We are provided with professional indemnity insurance as part of this.

We are also registered with the Society of Education and Training and are insured to deliver individual and small group teaching sessions across a range of academic, pastoral and therapeutic content as determined by pupil needs.

Initially all our work was commissioned by schools, who then approached parents/carers to gain their consent to working with us through a referral process which will seek to gather your views and that of your child. More recently though we have developed a Family Support Model where parents/carers can themselves request support directly. This might be focused on a particular task, such as collating information for a parental request for a statutory assessment, or may be more therapeutic in nature, such as counselling. You are able to contact our business manager on to book a FREE 30 minute confidential telephone call to discuss your needs before making any decision to commission us.

Further information on our Family Support Offer can be found here.

Further information on our Spot Purchase model and process for families can be found here.

We chose to work with children, young people and their caregiving adults in what we understand are often difficult circumstances, or at a time of crisis when emotions are running high. We always aim to engage with genuine respect and care whilst remaining mindful that the needs, welfare and safety of the child/children are paramount. We keep communications clear, simple, honest, respectful and jargon free in order that you are fully involved and can make informed choices. We appreciate some of the more challenging school related experiences that can face families and have provided some additional information for some of these.

Further information on the Process of Permanent Exclusion from School can be found here.

We have worked with parents and carers to use our combined knowledge and shared experiences to prepare some resources and information to help you support your child with additional needs and help you gather evidence and work your way through the system. Our Information for Parents on SEND Processes document can be found here and our SEN Definitions and Descriptions document can be found here.

We also have resources nformation on supporting your child with additional needs. Our SEN definitions and descriptions resource can be found .... and information for parents on SEND processes can be found

We acknowledge that we are in a position of trust and confidence and may have access to highly confidential, sensitive personal information. Our CrewTrident referral form includes obtaining consent for information sharing from an adult with Parental Responsibility. We will only provide and share information with partners securely, appropriately and in accordance with the relevant consents obtained through the partnership referral processes.

What happens next?

Whether school have engaged us to support you, or you have requested our involvement yourselves we we will ask you to sign the Consent Form so you are fully in control of the information we record and share. You can then expect us to:

  • Put the child, and family, at the heart of all we do

  • Listen with respect

  • Tell it how it is

  • Answer your questions honestly and openly

  • Work with you to make a plan

  • Do what we say we will